Our team of 4 from Kongsbakken VGS in Tromsø will compete in the Nordic CanSat competition. For more info about the competition and what a CanSat is please see this link: https://www.esero.no/prosjekter/cansat/nordic-satellite-competition-for-secondary-school/

For our CanSat project, we decided that we would create a simple satellite that will be used to search for a person or a thing with the help of a connected GPS. We have called our CanSat S.S Tofnik or Search-Satellite Tofnik.

If we succeed our CanSat can be used in rescue missions where they need extra eyes and help. For example in an avalanche Tofnik can be equipped with a RECCO search module that can search for Signals or it can be connected to a GPS, land where it find signals and then measure necessary things like snow quality and give live camera feed over the area, which then can give more accurate help to the rescue crew. This mission can make search and rescue mission more effective because this is something every search and rescue crew can carry with them, it gives a more accurate image of where people are, their condition and the area around them. Tofnik can give this information faster than how its done today because today most rescue teams in Norway have to wait for a helicopter with a search module, and the weather might stop the helicopter from being airborne or it might give other problems for the team and helicopter, but not nessecarily for the Tofnik.


We will control Tofnik using one or two brushless motors. The idea is that we will use two motors on each side to push Tofnik forward and give one motor extra thrust to make it swing. If we use one motor we will need a tailfin t to steer it.

We will also have to different bracket (Bracket is the part that holds all the components together and in their right place) designs since Tofnik will be either sent up with drone or rocket, if it is sent up by drone it will be laying in horizontally direction and a vertical direction if a rocket is used. Our plan is to make it easy to change the bracket and modify it if we suddenly have to do that because of some unexpected event.

We are currently waiting for parts to arrive so that we can start to prototype Tofnik 😊



Kristian Languane

Age: 16 år

Email: Klastian122@gmail.com

Responsibility: Lead Designer

Hi, my name is Kristian and I like maths and physics.


Chris Jensen

Age: 16 år

Email: chris.jensen02@gmail.com

Responsibility: Communications and ground station

My name is Chris Jensen. My responsibility in the team is communications and ground station. I have the responsibility that we can communicate with Tofnik and that we as a team manage to communicate with each other and our teacher.

In my spare time I like to build/make stuff and other DIY projects. In addition I am a first degree black belt in Taekwon-Do. So dont fuck with me

Ådne Andersen

Age: 16 år

Email: adne.eiolf@gmail.com

Responsibility: Media and documentation

I am responsible for media and documentation, my role is to document our progress and manage both our Facebook and Instagram site.

In my spare time i like to workout at the gym, and i also love to play computer games.

Ludvig Borch

Age: 17 år

Email: ludvig.borch@gmail.com

Responsibility: Lead Programmer

Hi, my name is Ludvig and I love programming and computers.

In my free time I do quite a bit of programming, not only in HTML, but also in C, Python and others.


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